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Services We Offer

Custom Artificial Eyes

Following a free consultation confirming an artificial eye is right for you, we will schedule an appointment for the creation of your unique prosthetic. The eye can be made in a one day appointment, and is hand fitted and painted to have a seamless fit and aesthetic. 


We are more than happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation to discuss your particular needs and the overall process of making an artificial eye or scleral shell. 

Annual Check ups and Polishing

Polishing your artificial eye regularly is an important step to retain the comfort and appearance of the prosthetic. It is recommended to have your eye polished once or twice a year, at which time we will also evaluate it's fit and condition. 

Insurance Assistance

We accept all insurances, and are specifically contracted with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Health Partners, and Preferred One. Because insurance coverage varies from case to case, please contact us for additional information.

Prosthetic devices are considered durable medical equipment, and are usually covered by insurance companies when medically necessary, as prescribed by a physician.

Custom Scleral Shells

A custom scleral shell is a thin prosthetic that is fitted over a living blind shrunken eye. The scleral shell can be made in a one day appointment.



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